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Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups


We all want our children to be happy, have friends and make the most of themselves, but for some this isn’t easy. Kids In Sync can help your child develop the social skills they need to effectively communicate and become more confident navigating the social world.


Our groups have high adult to child ratio (1:2 or max 1:3) and are led by two experienced professionals combining the most effective techniques from the fields of Occupational therapy, child development, Sensory Processing/ Sensory Integration, behaviour management and relational approaches to autism treatment.

The focus of these groups will be movement, play, communication and social interaction. Children will be encouraged to engage with the therapists and each other. Using movement and sensory strategies to reduce stress will help the child enter a regulated (calm and receptive) state in which learning, communication and effective emotional regulation are possible.

Key targets:

  • Using games and movement that help with sensory integration and increase flexibility in behaviour and thinking

  • Social referencing (paying attention to and learning to interpret facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and other means of non-verbal communication)

  • Co-regulation (emotional and behavioural), building emotional resilience through an attuned response to challenging behaviours and activities that encourage cooperation with others


Long term participation should result in notable progress in the following areas:

  • Communication

  • Social interaction

  • Emotional resilience, improved behaviour management

  • Flexibility

"Our 10 year old daughter has been taking part in the Kids In Sync sessions for almost a year now. She is always keen to go, as every week is different. She has bonded with the other children in the group and feels comfortable to be herself." 



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Discuss your child's needs and get expert advice from Kids In Sync founder, Jacqui Penny, via telephone consultation.

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