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Child Counselling

Child Counselling


Child Counselling is a therapeutic play and art programme which aims to address a child's personal, educational and social needs. It is a special time just for them, a time to talk and play about life, about feelings and worries, a time to think about things, a time to talk about growing up and about what happens at school and at home. This space can mean that your child will often feel happier and more confident, and will also work better at school. This is because strong feelings and worries can sometimes really interfere with a child's ability to concentrate during lessons. The service is confidential unless your child is at risk for any reason in which case child protection and safeguarding procedures will be followed.

The therapy adopts an integrative approach drawing on neuroscientific and psychotherapeutic theory including attachment theory. Using clinical techniques helps to develop a meaningful dialogue with a child in ways which promote emotional health, in a safe contained environment. The use of creative media, such as sand play, art, puppetry and storytelling are central to the therapy. Using the arts can enable your child to creatively explore and overcome issues of concern such as, anxiety, self-esteem, loss, trauma, family relationships, attachment issues.

Kids In Sync associates with the Terapia Centre in North London and the Butterfly Room in Stevenage who provide specialist counselling, art and play therapy, psychotherapy and bespoke mental health services to children with ASD and other conditions, their parents and their families.


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