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Biomedical Therapy

Biomedical Therapy


Research in the field of autism has picked up enormous momentum in the past two years. There is increasing and compelling evidence, coupled with direct experience in a clinical setting to suggest that individuals with autism spectrum conditions often suffer from issues with digestion and nutrient absorption, food and chemical sensitivities, oxidative stress, compromised immune function, mitochondrial disorders (the mitochondria are the cell’s energy production units), impaired detoxification systems and higher than normal bacterial, viral and parasitic load.

These issues can affect both the health and behaviour of individuals with ASD making it more difficult for them to learn, interact with their environment and thrive. Imbalances can be addressed through nutritional therapy and/or biomedical support, according to the needs of the individual as highlighted on assessment.

Kids In Sync is pleased to be partnering with Brainstorm Health to support your child’s nutritional and/or biomedical needs. You can be seen by appointment at their offices in Marlow or Central London.

Biomedical Treatment For Autism

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