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Auditory Therapy & Brain Training

Auditory Therapy & Brain Training For Children


Auditory Therapy is concerned with training the senses to work more efficiently together. It is often used in conjunction with OT or Sensory Integration Therapy. At Kids In Sync, Auditory Therapy can be provided via iLs (integrated Listening systems) which is a sound-based multisensory programme that combines movement and visual with auditory input.

iLs is based on the fact that we can change our brain – we can essentially re-wire it through specific and repeated stimulation, a concept known as neuroplasticity. iLs trains for brain/body integration through a staged approach, starting with the fundamentals of sensory integration and then extending through more complex cognitive functions, including language, self-expression and social skills. It works through the delivery of digitally manipulated classical music (manipulated to specific frequencies and vibrations that stimulate various parts of the brain) via a portable ipod through specially designed headphones with bone conduction. Listening is conducted 3-5 times per week for 30-60 minutes.

Improving basic brain function on this deep level has widespread effects. Improved sensory alignment means improvements in coordination, concentration, speech articulation, language and social skills. Comprehension and functional performance increase as the brain learns to use its resources more efficiently.
Another brain training methodology which is proving particularly interesting in children with ADHD is Neurofeedback. This method quantifies and trains the brain’s activity.

During a neurofeedback session, sensors detect brainwaves (electrical impulses generated by brain activity) to see the brain in action. A computer then compares brain activity to specific targets or goals. Sounds and images tell the individual immediately when their brain reaches a goal and when not.
Through this simple method, an individual learns how to quiet brainwaves associated with low performance and increase brainwaves associated with optimal brain function. Much like physical exercises strengthen and develop specific muscles, the more the brain is exercised into reaching a new more comfortable, more efficient position, the better and stronger it gets at it. Like any new skill, it simply requires feedback and practice.
As the brain governs emotional health, psychological health and every system in the body, training it into better function has far reaching benefits. Neurofeedback has an excellent track record for symptom resolution over a broad spectrum of emotional and brain-based conditions and seems to have gained a place in the treatment of ADHD in the US.

If you are interested in learning more about neurofeedback, please ask a therapist at Kids In Sync. We have an association with Brain Train UK who can offer neurofeedback either at our clinic or other local premises.



Auditory Therapy For Children

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