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“This centre is amazing. Much needed for such a long time. At last parents have a professional safe haven and children will get help understanding and reach their full potential. Well done Jacqui, you have my full support. It is truly innovative and exciting”


“Socially capable, gaining in independence, managing well at school...all the things I never thought would be possible when he was 5 years old”

Joe's Mum

“Katie loves coming to therapy sessions – she works hard but has lots of fun at the same time and can see the progress she is making....she has grown in confidence and her school results have improved dramatically. I really could not ask for more as a parent and am very proud of what Katie has achieved”

Katie's Mum

“We cannot believe that such a fantastic place has landed on our doorstep! Susanne and Iva have been instrumental in helping our son to become stronger and more capable. They offer great advice, along with Jacqui, which has truly been invaluable. George really looks forward to his sessions at “the house with the soft play”

George's mum

"My daughter Keira will only eat an extremely narrow range of food and has been having monthly cooking sessions with Sophie introducing new foods and healthy alternatives - ranging from homemade fish fingers to flapjacks. Not only does Keira look forward to these sessions and nag me to know when her 'personal chef' is coming to visit but Sophie's knowledge has been a great way of showing me how to use healthy alternatives within the foods she will eat. Cooking with Sophie is always fun and Kiera will try foods that I know she wouldn’t with me alone!"

Kiera's Mum

“We were looking into Sensory Integration therapy for some time for our son but couldn't find anything suitable locally. Kids In Sync has resolved the issue and we are delighted with the service. The clinic facilities are great, the therapist knowledgeable and Jacqui makes sure it all runs smoothly. Thank you Kids In Sync!”

C. Disanto, parent

“We were recommended Brainstorm Health for our 7 year old autistic son, after seeing various practitioners without making any real progress. Stella gave us a comprehensive plan to follow. After 3 months of slowly adding supplements and increasing his diet, my sons speech has really improved. He is also more aware and has made brilliant progress at school. His long standing issues with constipation have also been resolved. We still have a long way to go but he is doing really well and we can’t thank Stella enough.”

S. M. Surrey

"I have known Jacqui Taylor for over 6 years and during that time I have had many treatments from her including NST, Massage and her amazing Hay fever and Allergy Treatment. I am a singer/actress and run a company called Metro Voices. Hay fever has plagued my professional life and I have tried many so called ‘cures’. Jacqui Taylor’s Hay fever treatment stopped any sign of hay fever without having to take any form of medication and it is still working today –miraculous! Jacqui Taylor is an instinctive therapist of the highest quality and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met her."

Jenny O’Grady, Metro Voices

“Thank you for your help and getting us on the right track. We feel, as a family, much more confident now. Mink has made some big changes and we can see he is a much happier child. Going to Kids In Sync felt like a place to relax, warm and a safe haven "

Mink's mum

“I immediately felt a sense of relief talking with Jacqui, who was able to make sense of all the points that had led me to believe my 4 year old daughter had an underlying communication problem. Jacqui diagnosed my daughter’s Auditory Processing Disorder, for which I had not been able to access formal support via the NHS. During the last 7 months Jacqui has assessed her difficulties and enabled her and us as parents to better understand aspects of language and communication skills. As parents we are totally relieved and thankful for Jacqui’s support and guidance in enabling our child to cope at school. We are sincerely grateful. Thank you.”

C. Lincoln 

“We are so grateful to have have taken our 2 year old son to Kids In Sync. From the very beginning they been caring and supportive, providing great advice and expertise in helping our son to overcome his sensory and development needs. Our therapist is wonderfully skilled and gentle, our son felt comfortable from the first session and built up a good trusting bond. Each session builds upon the last and there is a structure and plan in place to work towards the end goals. Our son has developed more confidence in his abilities to try new activities, and even though it's early days his coordination, motor skills and general spacial awareness has improved notably. I would highly recommend Kids In Sync to any parents considering Occupational Therapy for their children. We feel lucky to have found a caring and supportive place that offers highly skilled expertise as well innovative and progressive strategies to aid in sensory development."

K. Patel, parent

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