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Suggested protocol for boosting your immune system

As we start getting back into ‘normal life’ and begin to expose ourselves to possible virus and bacteria from others, the most important asset is our own immune system. I have put together a protocol to implement on a daily basis, to boost and protect you and your family from the inside out. 

1. Eat Healthily

Choose fruit / veg and home cooked food, rather than takeaways! Maintaining a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants is critical for building up our immune health. Fruit and vegetables contain a wide range of these important nutrients, and a quick and easy way to incorporate them into your diet, is to blend them into a nutrient rich smoothie. Avoid foods with added sugars or artificial sweeteners.


2. Increase daily supplements

For Adults:

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, selenium and quercetin have all been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses. 

Suggested suppliers of quality products and available discounts:

All of these suppliers will give discount when you mention – Outstanding Lives

For Children under 12:


3. Stay Calm

Fear and anxiety compromise the Immune system - so stop watching the news and get some sunshine / breathe deeply / get some sleep and listen to some beautiful music! 

Joe Leader's 'Healing the Heart' album, available to download now on iTunes:


4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water flushes out the system and dilutes toxicity – just keep flushing the drains!  For adults - 3 litres water daily.

For children - ¼ litre per year of age (ie: 4 years old = 1 litre / 8 years = 2 litres daily)


5. Detox - Bioray Tinctures:

BIORAY® products restore health and promote balance in the body by encouraging the body to release unwanted and potentially harmful toxins. This natural detox system of healing, uses safe effective liquid dietary supplements. This creates a stronger, healthier ecosystem in the body, enabling it to absorb nutrients and supplements more efficiently.

Dosage: 2ml twice daily in water to detox the system - away from food


Any specific questions please email me.

Keep safe – keep calm – keep positive.


Jacqui Taylor



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