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About Kids In Sync


Kids In Sync is a therapy centre for children offering a range of therapies that can improve behaviour and well being, concentration, coordination, personal organisation, listening and communication, confidence, social skills, handwriting and other academic targets.

Kids In Sync was founded by Jacqui Penny, the mother of a child with Aspergers and ADD (attention deficit disorder), as a result of the successful therapies her son received. Jacqui wanted to make these therapies available to other children and their families after watching the transformation in her own son from a child with multiple difficulties to one with confidence, independence and the ability to cope, learn and enjoy life.

Whilst Sensory Integration (SI) therapy forms the cornerstone of therapy at Kids In Sync, the centre also accesses the help and input of a number of other practitioners including those specialising in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Biomedical Therapy, Wellbeing Therapy and Kinesiology, Speech and Language Therapy, Auditory Therapy and Brain Training (Neurofeedback), Behavioural Therapy, Clinical Pychology and Child Counselling. These therapies can be discussed according to the specific needs of each individual child and their family. They can either be accessed via the clinic or at the individual practitioners practice.

We work closely with families and schools to ensure that children’s needs are met and that parents and teachers are given the support and advice they require. If you live some way from London and would rather see a therapist closer to home, our Parent Consultant can discuss what is available and put you in touch with professionals in your area.

Our aim is to help children overcome their difficulties, so that they can realise their potential and improve their chances of future success and happiness. Contact us now to find out more.



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